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Partners in North Wales share views on preventing youth violence

Image shows Consultation Brochure and attendees at the workshop

On Thursday 6th October, the Wales Violence Prevention Unit hosted its first workshop on the Framework for Preventing Violence among Children and Young People for partners in Wrexham.

The workshops, which are taking place across Wales throughout October, offer professionals an opportunity to discuss key concepts within the Framework, so that this feedback can be captured to inform its development.

“It was great to welcome people from a range of professions, backgrounds, and expertise to our workshop in Wrexham. The insight given by attendees through discussion and feedback will be used to inform the Framework’s development following the consultation.”

“It was a valuable opportunity to engage with partners in North Wales on such an important topic, prompting conversations and ideas that will be reflected in the Strategic Framework.”

Dan Jones, Interim Director, Wales Violence Prevention Unit

The discussions were based around questions that were raised by the speakers at the event, starting with Dan Jones, the Deputy Director of the Wales Violence Prevention Unit, leading onto the Nine Strategies to Prevent Youth Violence, led by Lara Snowdon, the Violence Prevention Unit Lead, before finishing with the Framework in context, focused by Jo Hopkins, the Programme Director of ACEs, Criminal Justice, and Violence Prevention.

You can complete the online consultation, which will be live until 18th November here, creating an opportunity to gather your feedback and ideas for ending youth violence in Wales.

The consultation is aimed at two groups – young people in Wales and professionals who work with them. Our questions for young people are aimed at those aged 15-25, but people over 25 are also welcome to share their views.