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Developing a Framework for Preventing Violence among Children and Young People

The Wales Violence Prevention Unit are working with Peer Action Collective Cymru on a Strategic Framework for Preventing Violence among Children and Young People in Wales.

Co-produced with young people, the framework will inform multi-agency action to support the prevention of violence among children and young people. It will be designed to support local areas with the delivery of their statutory responsibilities under the new Serious Violence Duty.

The framework will act as a guide to strategic action on violence prevention, amplifying the voices of young people and providing evidence of ‘what works’ to prevent youth violence. Following extensive engagement and consultation, we will ensure the Framework reflects the views of professionals, so that it can inform local activity.

“A shared vision and approach for the prevention of violence among children and young people is essential. Young people are most at risk of experiencing violence, and most likely to experience multiple forms of interpersonal violence. However, we know that violence is both predictable and preventable, and the evidence indicates that prevention approaches are most effective when implemented with children and young people.

“This framework will focus on primary prevention, and support service delivery partners, commissioners and policy makers in making decisions and planning activity aimed at preventing violence among children and young people.”

Lara Snowdon, Violence Prevention Programme Lead, Public Health Wales

For the framework to work for Wales, it must be informed by the experiences and ideas of children and young people, and professionals working to prevent and respond to violence. Throughout autumn we will be hosting a series of events and launching an online consultation – please consider joining us at an event or responding to the consultation to share your views and inform the Framework!

More details will available soon – follow @WalesVPU on twitter or check back here to stay up to date.