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Wales Without Violence Launch Event

Wales Without Violence: A Shared Framework for Preventing Violence among Children and Young People.

On 19th April 2023, children, young people, and professionals from across Wales gathered for the launch of Wales Without Violence: A Shared Framework for Preventing Violence among Children and Young People.

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The Framework, co-produced by Peer Action Collective Cymru and the Wales Violence Prevention Unit, represents a shared vision for violence prevention in Wales. It is a guide for professionals that is grounded in evidence and echoes the voices of the communities, informed by the views, experiences and aspirations of over 1,000 children, young people and professionals.

This image shows the stage with the slides ready for presentations. It includes the speakers chairs and green stage lights.

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The launch event was held in Tramshed, Cardiff, which showcased the Framework and the approach that enabled the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and Peer Action Collective Cymru to produce it. It was great to see so many people from various sectors attending the event, and it provided an opportunity to celebrate the dedication and support shown by children, young people, and professionals throughout the Framework’s development.

Through a series of activities hosted by people directly involved in its development, guests had the opportunity to consider how they can take the Framework forward in their area, as well as hear from children and young people on why preventing violence is important to them, and what they think will work to make the vision of a Wales without violence their reality. The Peer Action Collective Cymru team hosted a Cinema workshop for participants to watch films created by them and children they have worked with over the past 18 months, which was followed by a Q&A. Changemakers from Cathays High School also held their own activity, the Art Wall. It was a great chance to view their work and hear from children and young people on why preventing violence is important to them. We also had a chance to host our own workshop on the implementation of the Framework, where guests were able to consider the priorities for taking each of the nine strategies forward in their area of work.

The launch event ended with a Q&A panel led by Nick Corrigan, Chief Executive, Media Academy Cymru, Joanne Hopkins, Programme Director for ACEs, Criminal Justice and Violence Prevention, Public Health Wales, Annamae Sullivan, LGBTQ+ Development Officer, Media Academy Cymru (Newport), Callum Bruce-Philips, Young Carers Youth Support Worker, YMCA Swansea, Steph McArdle, PAC Coordinator, Media Academy Cymru, Joseph Lloyd, Divert Manager, Media Academy Cymru (Cardiff) and Nandana, a Changemaker from Cathays High School, who all took questions on how to create a Wales without violence.

This image shows people attending the event in a workshop, in conversation and writing ideas down.

"The framework is a whole system and evidence-based approach for the prevention of violence, coproduced with children and young people. We believe it's the first of its kind in the UK. In the framework, we present 9 strategies for the prevention of violence among children and young people, ranging from early years, through to safe communities, addressing poverty and inequality, and changing harmful social norms. The framework concludes with information on creating an enabling environment for prevention, and a theory of change.

Most importantly, it sets out a vision for the future, developed by children and young people, who dared to imagine a Wales Without Violence."

Lara Snowdon, Public Health Lead, Public Health Wales
This image shows presenters talking through their slides and reading aloud children and young people's views on a Wales without violence.

“Over the past 18 months, we have partnered with the Wales Violence Prevention Unit to investigate the roles that children, young people and professionals can play in ending violence across the country. This relationship has been insightful, positive and empowering, giving young people within Peer Action Collective Cymru the opportunity to create a movement that will leave a legacy for future generations.

To develop the Wales Without Violence Framework, we spoke to hundreds of children and young people across Wales about their experiences of violence, and their ideas of how to end it. Overall, we heard how children and young people want to feel safe to be themselves.

This Framework is intended as a guide for violence prevention grounded in the experiences of the children and young people affected. As you read through it, I hope you will see, as we have seen through our many interviews, events and conversations, that there is hope for a future Wales without violence and an ambition from children, young people and professionals alike to make this happen.”

Stephanie McArdle, Peer Action Collective Cymru Coordinator