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RESEARCH: Implementing Co-productive Practice and Mapping Youth Violence Prevention

A message from Jon Drake, Director, Wales Violence Prevention Unit:

I am delighted to share with you two reports commissioned by the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and delivered by CASCADE, the Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre.

The reports have collated evidence relating to how to implement effective co-productive practice in public services, and provided a horizon scan of the evidence relating to the best approaches for decreasing the prevalence of youth violence.

Together, this evidence will support us and our partners in developing evidence-based practice for youth violence, and work together to prevent it.

These reports will be invaluable in ensuring effective violence prevention activity in Wales and beyond. Indeed, the Wales Violence Prevention Unit is already using the findings to inform our plans for the coming year, 21/22.

The report on implementing co-productive practice recognises that whilst there is currently a lack of evidence on the effectiveness of co-production, the literature available highlights both direct and indirect benefits from children’s engagement. For public services, findings revealed that co-production aided the development of services that meet children and young people’s needs. This can lead to improved, more efficient, and better services that are staffed by practitioners equipped with greater knowledge and understanding of children’s lives and needs.

The systematic mapping and horizon scanning exercise highlighted the wealth of studies, reports, and papers regarding youth violence. The report has highlighted a need for a developmental approach to youth violence prevention that includes primary, secondary and tertiary prevention activities at both a targeted and universal level. This demonstrates the need for a multi-agency, collaborative approach to ensure young people are provided with the right opportunities at the right time, to either safely divert them or prevent them from engaging in acts of violence.

I would like to extend thanks to Nina Maxwell and the CASCADE team for providing such valuable insight into youth violence in Wales, and the measures we can put in place to prevent it. Please do and share these reports widely with colleagues, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.

Download the report: 'Implementing co-productive practice with public services'

Download the report: 'Good practice in youth violence prevention: A mapping and horizon scanning review'