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New report sheds light on children and young people’s perceptions of violence

A new report offers unparalleled insight into the issues most affecting children and young people in Wales, as well as their priorities for preventing violence.

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The report Wales Without Violence: Perspectives of Children and Young People draws on the feedback provided by children and young people during the development of the Wales Without Violence Framework, which was co-produced by the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and Peer Action Collective Cymru, and published in April 2023.

In total, 470 children and young people contributed to the Wales Without Violence Framework, by completing the online consultation, attending an event or taking part in a workshop led by Peer Action Collective Cymru.

The report includes demographic information, as well as the children and young people’s responses to questions about the impact of a person’s identity on violence, solutions to violence and how well professionals listen to the views of children and young people when making decisions about violence prevention.

“The Wales Without Violence Framework is a guide to violence prevention that is grounded in evidence and informed by the ideas and aspirations of children, young people and professionals.

“Violence prevention activity must be developed with those affected. This report brings together the invaluable contributions of children and young people, and gives us an opportunity to listen, learn and act on what children and young are telling us.”

Dan Jones, Head of the Wales Violence Prevention Unit

“To develop the Wales Without Violence Framework, we spoke to hundreds of children and young people across Wales about their experiences of violence, and their ideas of how to end it.

“We heard about discrimination faced by those of various sexual orientations, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, family structures and appearances. We also heard how those who practise different religions or are neurodiverse can be singled out and subjected to bullying and violence. Overall, we heard how children and young people want to feel safe to be themselves.

“This report will help people working to prevent violence understand where to focus activity, but it’s intended to only start the conversation. To eliminate violence among children and young people in Wales, we must ensure their voices are heard, and that they are supported to develop solutions together with professionals.”

Stephanie McArdle, Peer Action Collective Cymru Coordinator

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