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Championing Serious Violence Prevention

The Wales Violence Prevention Unit has teamed up with South Wales Police to offer an engaging Serious Violence Prevention Programme to Officers across the Force.

The Serious Violence Prevention Champions Programme has been developed by the Wales Violence Prevention Unit to engage Officers at all levels within the Force in their mission to prevent serious violence by using a public health approach.

The Programme will provide Champions with the knowledge and resources to promote a public health approach across policing, as well as provide a forum for Officers to share best practice and concerns to inform the Unit’s work.

The Unit’s broad range of members will provide a hub of expertise for the Champions, providing knowledge and skills to support Officers in furthering violence prevention initiatives within their area.

“Building on a strong history of partnership working between the police and public health, this programme will take collaboration one step further, enabling Officers from all levels within the force to inform responses to violence and ensure that approaches to violence prevention work for the South Wales Police and the communities we serve.

“Police Officers are uniquely placed to identify and respond to both perpetrators and victims of violent crime, and have the opportunity to intervene early to prevent violence, and we have an ambition to roll this programme out across all forces in Wales in the near future.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mat Lewis, Police Lead, Wales Violence Prevention Unit

Officers have been recruited to take part in programme from all levels within the force to enable the Unit to engage more directly with operational policing, and to collaborate with frontline police officers and staff to inform responses to violence.

If you would like more information on the Programme or any of the Unit's work, please get in touch.