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VLOG: Yasmin Khan on Preventing Gender Based Violence

An inspiring vlog for the Wales Violence Prevention Unit by Yasmin Khan, National Adviser to Welsh Government on Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence and Director of Halo Project as part of our 16 Days of Action Campaign.

Yasmin discusses the need for accessible services for all and the importance of working in partnership to end Gender Based Violence.


My name is Yasmin Khan and I'm the National Adviser for the Welsh Government for Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

During my time here in Wales, I have met so many dedicated professionals, campaigners and those affected directly by Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

Working with the people who prevent, protect and support those who through no fault of their own are in situations which have caused harm by abuse.

It's quite simple.

Where there is vulnerability, there are perpetrators.

Where there is weakness there is power.

And there is silence together we must speak out.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is unequivocally meeting survivors who show courage and bravery and provide me with the inspiration to make things happen.

To do things differently.

In doing so we must ensure gender equality is achieved. Women and girls from all of the backgrounds across Wales need to be considered in such interventions and programmes.

In particular, we must seek to address inequality for all diverse groups. Victims who have experienced forced marriage, Honour Based Abuse and FGM should be able to access services that meet their needs.

We also need to reach out to those who live in rural areas and ensure young people too are protected from abuse so we can work together to create a society who will stand together against those who cause harm.

This year I have reflected on the increase in demand for our specialist services who have worked tirelessly to ensure victims are protected, supported and cared for.

I want to pay homage to those services and those individuals in public services who have worked to deliver frontline work putting their own lives at risk.

So let's continue what we have already started. A journey to ensure that women who experience violence can report it or seek the help that they need.

Ending violence against women will require more investment, increased leadership and action across all of Wales and of course internationally.

This drives me to stand together today to end Gender Based Violence but I cannot do this alone.

The ambition of preventing all forms of violence across Wales can only be delivered if we work together to prevent the abuse and the harm and promote gender equality.

I am privileged to work alongside agencies in Wales who provide such opportunities.

This year more than any other we must continue to work in partnership and take personal responsibility to speak out and call out abuse wherever it exists.

Because I truly believe, if we do this, we can live in a world without violence.